Writing poetry as a way to communicate and challenge the hidden taboos of female sexuality, the artist has developed a minimal, suggestive, seductive but subtle photographic aesthetic to convey her place within these constructs and her own sexuality. Dust, grain, blur and imperfections are sometimes decisive, and sometimes incidental results of her lo-fi photographic approach that enforce the narrative that women sexuality is an imperfect story.


McCaig explores the complex balance of female sexuality, seduction and erotica, with a defiant stare back to the male gaze in what she has described as her ‘bad feminist’ anxieties. These are works where conceptual gestures are employed to engage complex and often contradictory dialogues that are located in the fluid poetics of desire and female identity.


McCaig’s work is a cultural commentary and a personal interrogation of the modern proposition of womanhood as the artist balances her own sexuality, values and awareness of the male gaze, while navigating her own desires against these socio-psychological constructs.