The Marble Index
The Marble Index, 2020
A homage to Baroque sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini, McCaig interrogates the detail of flesh made of marble, exposing the erotic nature of the representation of the female form seen in Italian sculpture of the period.
‘The Marble Index’ is a performative gesture documented in a deliberate lo-fi black and white photographic aesthetic, resolved as a two colour silk screen-print process, revealing the grain and imperfections associated with the body and the marble of Bernini’s studio.
Medusa, 2020

A reference to a misunderstood female figure in Greek history, Medusa. McCaig interrogates the result of the male gaze and the need to protect herself, whilst relating the story of Medusa.


This refers to the origin story of Medusa, in which she is a victim of rape, at the hand of the Greek God Poseidon, and resulting in her being cursed and transformed into a Gorgon by Greek Goddess Athena. 

This series explores McCaig wanting to protect herself, much like Medusa, as well as becoming lost through a red veil of desire. She explores this feeling through photographic image, whilst having to engage in the delicate balance of having a distinct interest in seduction & erotica, against the necessity to be aware of the male gaze. 

Ode To A Lover, 2019
“ode to a lover” is one of many photographs within McCaig's work, that explores female sexuality and intimacy. The artist has used colour within this image to create subtle but visually stimulating pieces, which attempts to convey the intimacy of these delicate moments and the seductive elements that run alongside. 

A cultural commentary and a personal interrogation of the modern proposition of womanhood as the artist balances her own sexuality, values and awareness of the male gaze, while navigating her own desires against these socio-psychological constructs. 
no love, no mercy, 2019
'no love, no mercy' continues the theme of photographic performance in order to explore female sexuality and intimacy. McCaig explores the complex balance of female sexuality, education and erotica with a defiant stare back at the male gaze in what she has described as her 'bad feminist' anxieties.

These are works where conceptual gestures are 
employed to engage the complex and often contradictory dialogues that are located in the fluid poetics of desire and female identity. 
More Than This, 2019
Created whilst exploring themes of female sexuality. More than this communicates that a woman is defined by more than just her sexuality, no matter how she chooses to physically express herself.

This cultural commentary and personal interrogation into the modern proposition of womanhood as she balances her sexuality, values, notions of the male gaze and how she engages in this socio- psychological construct is an going narrative through the artists work as she uses her own body as the subject. 
All That Is My Own, 2020
If I choose to reveal all of myself, am I more, or less?  2018
A series of analogue photographic images in which the artist questions ‘If I choose to reveal all of myself, am I more or less?’ through performative gestures.

Stockinged feet in sepia tones are softly focused and blurred with intention. A cultural commentary and a personal interrogation into the modern proposition of womanhood as she balances her sexuality, values, notions of the male gaze and how she engages in this socio-psychological construct. 
Pink Glove, 2020 - series
Pink Glove, 2020 - series
Pink Glove, 2020 - series